Free Phone Consultation

Your Business Is Unique

We can have all the marketing strategies and tactics in the world, but what matters is getting the results you want.

You need a marketing strategy that is customised to your business in two areas…

1). It has to achieve the goals you want.

2). It needs to fit your business model and your marketplace.

Which is why I offer a 30 minute phone consultation.

In 30 minutes we can drill down to the key issues for your business. Then we’ll be able to make a plan for your marketing.

How To Get It Free

To qualify you need to be a service business in New Zealand that wants to grow your business, and the person on the phone call must be the owner of the business or the person responsible for marketing. (Service business means you mainly sell services not products; you have clients, not customers.)

Why Is It Free?

From the consultation we will also find out if we are a good fit for each other to work together. Sometimes there is little I can do to help a business, and we really shouldn’t work together, and I’ll tell you that. Other times it will make sense for me to work on your marketing systems. There is of course no obligation on either of us.

Request A Consultation…

Fill out the form and I’ll get back to you to book a time. (Or you can contact me to make a time.)
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