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Facebook Holds Pages for Ransom

Facebook has got a huge amount of useage in New Zealand. But should you focus on building likes to your Facebook page? Many web companies feel like they’re being held to ransom by Facebook. Earlier this year, Facebook changed how they distribute page updates, so that now they’re only going to about 15% of subscribers….

Are Daily Deals A Good Deal For Your Business?

1 day deals, good for business?

There’s GrabOne, TreatMe, Groupon and a plethora of other one day deals sites that offer local services. Consumers sign up and get a daily email offering a sharp discount on a local service. Consumers love the deals. Big discounts on treats and services, who would say no? It’s no doubt profitable for the deal sites…

Getting Visitors To Your Website


Getting traffic (or visitors) to your site is one of the two crucial steps to getting your site performing. Not all traffic is created equal. In this post we’re going to look at some important factors in the traffic you get. Cost and Profit Traffic has a cost. Even if it’s only the time and…

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