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Content Marketing for Building Companies in New Zealand

How can home building companies use the web to make more sales? Untapped Potential A local search for building companies or new homes in New Zealand shows a lot of results that are very similar. This means there is a lot of potential for someone to standout by doing something different. Many of those building websites do…

The Innovation of the Year is the Future of Mobile Marketing

Popular Science has named Google Now the innovation of the year. Google Now runs on the latest Android phones and basically gives you information when you need it, before you have to search for it. Right now it’s not widespread enough to make much of a difference to local marketing, but it’s going to have…

Real Estate Marketing in Tauranga

Real estate marketing in New Zealand, and Tauranga in particular, could be getting much more mileage from the internet than it does. There’s so much interest in real estate online. Over half a million searches on Google every month for real estate in New Zealand. And over 80% of home buyers are looking online. But…

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Open the latest advertising mailer form any electronics store and it’s got pages of smart phones. Gadgets are hot right now, and phones especially so. The iPhone is of course the big seller and there are huge range of others. There’s also mobile devices other than phones, especially the iPod touches and burgeoning tablet market….

Why Business Websites Usually Don’t Work


(And how to turn them around!) Plenty of New Zealand businesses have websites. However, if you talk to most small business owners, most websites are failing to get results for the owner. Whether it is getting leads, clients or sales, a business website exists to make a profit. They Can Get Business On the other…

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