Content Marketing for Building Companies in New Zealand

How can home building companies use the web to make more sales?

Untapped Potential

A local search for building companies or new homes in New Zealand shows a lot of results that are very similar. This means there is a lot of potential for someone to standout by doing something different.

Many of those building websites do a good job of explaining the benefits they offer and showcasing the plans that are available. They are basically a nice online advertisement.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the idea that you give out good valuable information, instead of only talking about yourself and why someone should use your company.

It’s giving to the prospect, before you take (in the form of asking them to read your ad or use your service).

Building a new home is a big decision (with a lot of smaller decisions involved) and prospects are going to be keen to see a lot of information and inspiration.
It’s an industry that is prime for good content marketing. Turn your website into a resource that helps prospects with their decisions and you’ll stand out from everyone else.

Ideas for Building Companies

  • Content marketing building companiesStart giving advice on your website, instead of just selling. Answer the questions your prospects have. Help them with all the decisions they have to make.
  • Use video. We know that home renovation and building are a popular topics for TV shows. We also know video gets a massive amount of internet use. Combine these two and start making videos that people who are about to build a home want to see.
  • Make a Grand Designs inspired video series. Grand Designs is a very popular home building show. I think there’s a huge opportunity for a building company to make their own video series along the same lines. It would be inspiring, entertaining and helpful, and at the same time position your company as an excellent choice to build with.
  • Get in front of your target prospects by ranking well in the search engines. This is obviously not a new idea (and many companies are obviously already doing well in the search engines) but it has new power when they land on a page that is useful and helpful to them, instead of a page that just tries to sell them.

The New Zealand Home Builders Website Marketing Report

Home Builders Marketing New ZealandWhen I saw this opportunity it led me to put a report together on how it could be used to generate more business. As an outsider to the building industry, I don’t see all the details of how it works, but it also allows me to come up with new solutions that aren’t bound by the shackles of convention.

I’m happy to send a copy to any building company in NZ who would find it useful. Just contact me, and I’ll put a copy in the post to you.

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