Real Estate Marketing in Tauranga

Tauranga Real Estate Web Marketing Report

Real estate marketing in New Zealand, and Tauranga in particular, could be getting much more mileage from the internet than it does.

There’s so much interest in real estate online. Over half a million searches on Google every month for real estate in New Zealand. And over 80% of home buyers are looking online.

But when you look at the results that come up, they’re very much on the bland side. Everybody’s doing fairly similar, predictable stuff. Nobody really stands out. There’s isn’t much good content out there and no consistent inbound marketing.

All that means there’s a lot of potential. One company or a few salespeople could get serious about the web and get some big results.

The report I’ve put together looks at the current state of the market, and outlines what could be done to get much more from it.

It’s only available in hard copy, but if you’d like one of those (and you’re someone who can actually put it to use) just email me, and I’ll be happy to post you one.

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