Facebook Holds Pages for Ransom

Facebook has got a huge amount of useage in New Zealand. But should you focus on building likes to your Facebook page?

Many web companies feel like they’re being held to ransom by Facebook. Earlier this year, Facebook changed how they distribute page updates, so that now they’re only going to about 15% of subscribers. To reach the rest of subscribers, you have to pay. (There’s coverage in various places, but here’s a good post on it.)

Social media is great in its place, but it’s important that you’re not doing that instead of building a database you control.¬†James Schramco calls this idea, “own the racecourse.” Basically you don’t want your business assets to be at the mercy of another company.

Building a list of email subscribers should be a primary goal for most web marketing. It’s a valuable database that allows you to repeatedly reach prospects and clients who are interested in using your services. And if you control it, then no one can come along hold it for ransom.

One Response to Facebook Holds Pages for Ransom
  1. Luke Foster
    November 21, 2012 | 2:34 pm

    As a follow up, here’s the perspective from a big name on the Facebook issue…

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