Website Development

Website Development

Turn Your Website Into A Business Growth Machine

Your main website is still the central point of your online marketing. It needs to be a machine that delivers the results you want. And while it seems a little counterintuitive, to get results the website can’t be primarily about your business.

Focus On The Clients

We don’t read advertisements because we’re interested in the business. We read advertisements because we’re interested in what we can get out of it.

Your website can’t be primarily about you. It has to be primarily about the prospect if we’re going to engage them.

It’s a simple point, but a crucial one. Many websites are just all about the business. They go on about how long they’ve been in business, how they’re the best and the ‘highest quality.’ It’s all stuff that will bore a prospect to tears. Only they won’t get bored, they’ll click away and look at something else.

Seven Seconds Till You Lose Them

When prospects visit your site you’ve got seven seconds to convince them to stay. That’s all the time it takes for our brains to make a snap judgement. We really do judge books by their covers.

In that initial glance you’ve got to show the prospect that you give enough value for it to be worth their time to read on. Again, how long you’ve been in business won’t do it.

Branding Versus Direct Marketing

Branding is the process of giving a certain image or look to your business, and putting that image into the mind of your prospects. This is what most big business advertising attempts to do.

Branding advertising is expensive and not really feasible for small to medium size businesses. There’s no direct pay off for the business.

On the other hand, direct marketing is all about getting measurable results. Things like more leads, more clients, more sales.

People Buy Benefits Not Features

As we’ve said prospect want to know what you can do for them. They want the actual benefits. The old way of explaining this is that someone shopping for a drill doesn’t really want a drill, they want holes.

While you may be focused on a list things about your service, the features, your prospect cares about the end result. What are they really buying from you? Is it more free time, peace of mind, less pain, more satisfaction and so on.

Get Results

These are all simple ideas, but they’re often ignored. Put them to work and your website can generate a steady stream on new business.

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