Website as a Business Asset

Your website should be an asset to your business. It needs to deliver a measurable return on investment.

That return could be in the form of more leads, clients, sales and so on, but it just about always comes back to profits and the business’ bottom line.

Here’s four points to help you achieve this:

1. Own Your Domain Name

Make sure the asset you’re building is owned by your business and can’t be torn out from under you. Your primary online home should be at your domain, not a third party’s.

2. Control Your Website

Building on a quality CMS (content management system) means you can keep control of your website. It will also be easy to update in the future.

3. Focus on Marketing

The website’s job is deliver real results. It’s not about the design or how it looks. It’s about how well it performs your marketing goals.

4. Plan for the Long Term

The trends clearly show that the importance of online marketing is only going to grow. Make sure your website has a solid footing and a long term strategy. This will put you ahead of the pack in the future.

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