Sales Messages That Get Sales

Sales Messages

Words make up the bulk of websites, and words are the most important part of marketing.

Every word should be focused on achieving your business goals, which in most cases is getting more sales. The words are the sales message.

The Job is to Sell, Not to Entertain

Most advertising is ineffective. Even big business admits they don’t know which advertising is working for them, and they can never predict with any accuracy.

There are a number of studies showing that ads campaigns that win awards usually run at a loss for the business. They never make a profit.

We’re not here to create entertainment; we’re here to make sales. Our messages are designed to do that.

The Big Red Flag

In our advertising saturated culture the hardest job is to get noticed.

Advertising needs to be like a big red flag that captures the attention of our prospects. 80% of people never read past the headline of an ad. We need to draw them in right at the start.

Use Emotional Appeals

Buying decisions are made emotionally not rationally. We just use the rational side to justify our decisions to ourselves and others. People object to this and say they make logical decisions (I like to think this about myself) but the facts point to the opposite.

Our messages need to appeal to emotions first, the real motivators for buying. Then logic can be used to help them back up their attraction.

People Buy Benefits Not Features

Features are what a service is and does. Benefits are what it means for the client. The classic example is when someone goes to buy a drill, they don’t really want a drill, they want holes.

Effective sales messages go to the deeper reasons for people to use your services. They’re after the things that improve their lives and get at their wants, needs and desires.

Build Credibility

While we want to be focused on getting sales we need to do it with credibility. Kiwis are instantly turned off by hype. Hype is disliked around the world but New Zealand is one of the most conservative markets. We really don’t like bragging or overstating things.

People buy from people they trust. Sales messages need to be matched to the audience they’re selling to.

Getting The Sale

Finally, having hit all the right notes, the messages need to ask for action. We don’t hope the prospect will figure out what to do. We make and offer and tell them what to do to get things moving.

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