How to Get to the Top of Google

Search Engine Marketing Help in New Zealand

Search Engine Marketing in New Zealand

Working to get a website to rank at the top of the search engine results is a process called search engine optimisation or SEO.

Google is our main focus because 92% of searches done in New Zealand are on this engine.

Why Search Is So Important To Getting Leads

Most internet use starts with a search. This is especially true when someone is looking for a local business to provide a service.

Around 40% of the visits go to the top search results. Only 2% of searchers go beyond the first page.

If you’re a service business looking for more leads and clients, then getting to the top of the search results is a key focus.

How The Engines Work

Search is all about the keyword; what users type in when they’re looking for a business like yours.

The search engines index websites, to see what they’re about and how important they are. They then use an algorithm to determine which pages to display when a user does a search.

The more important the engine thinks your website is, the more often they’ll come and look at your site to index it.

Google doesn’t publicly tell us much about their algorithm, but we know it weighs over 200 factors. And they constantly update the algorithm to give better results, and to beat the spammers.

Big companies spend fortunes and thousands of hours trying to get to the top and to understand how Google is ranking pages. Google is always trying to stay a step ahead of people who want to manipulate the results.

Long Term SEO Strategy

While many people want to ‘beat’ the search engines, and use tricks and shortcuts to get to the top, this will never work over the long term. Google is smart – smarter than us. Their team of brilliant engineers will eventually close down any loopholes you’re exploiting and will probably penalise you for using them.

To get good long term results, you need to give them what they want.

What Google Wants

Google’s aim is to give searchers what they’re looking for, not a bunch of irrelevant spam. They want to display sites that give high quality information that is original and fresh.

So the best strategy is not to try and outwit them, but to help searchers find what they’re looking for.

SEO On Your Website

The first thing the engines look at is what your site is like. They will look at what keywords your site is about. They’ll want to know how much content you have, is it original, how often is it updated, how is the site structured, and so on.

On site SEO breaks into two areas: what you see, and what is under the hood. What you see is the information you give users, what you’re about. What is under the hood, is about site structure, linking, tags and so on. It’s the things you don’t see on the surface that make the website work.

Search Engine Marketing Outside Your Website

The second part of SEO is what happens on the internet outside of your website. Once your site SEO is in order, this is where most of the work goes on.

The engines know you’re going to say good things about yourself. They want to see what others are saying about you, in order to know how important you really are.

The biggest thing they’re looking for is links coming to your site. A site with lots of links from high quality sites is going to rank better. The words in the link are important; they’re a statement of what your site is about.

Profiting From SEO

Ranking on top of the search engines is not a worthwhile goal on its own. What matters is how it fits into your business goals and how it delivers results for you.

There needs to be an overall strategy which helps you meet those goals, not just a chasing of keywords and rankings for the heck of it.

By Luke Foster, Marketing Geek

If you’re ready to get serious results, I offer a free, 30 minute, internet marketing consultation (with no obligations) to help you draw up a plan to make the most of the internet.

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